I work closely with physiotherapists to provide you with the best possible treatment for your condition.

In certain cases you will not require any surgery and a course of targeted physiotherapy will be the only treatment needed to get you back to normal.

If you do require surgery then postoperatively you will have physiotherapy to regain your full range of motion and function, this may be only one or two sessions for some operations but in the case of ligament reconstruction and joint replacement the physiotherapy and rehabilitation will take weeks and months.

In the run up to surgery and in the early post operative period it is important to gain and maintain as full a range of movement as possible with good muscle strength. This information leaflet from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons gives a simple program of exercises that can be done at home before and after most knee surgery. The more specialist knee operations require a dedicated program which can be found to the left.

One of the most common post operative issues we see is loss of full extension after surgery. The ability to completely straighten the knee is vital to progressing in rehab and strengthening your knee. These external links demonstrate simple exercise videos for working to regain full extension.

Extension exercise video 1

Extension exercise video 2

The success of your operation depends on your motivation and ability to work with the rehab to get the best possible outcome for your knee.

Below are links to the physiotherapists I work closely with